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Central & Columbus Ohio Bathroom Remodel Contractors

Our bathroom remodeling team works directly to bring your custom bath remodel project to life.  You can show us your bathroom remodel ideas or view our examples and existing plans.  Our team will take you through the entire process from design to selecting all the bathroom fixtures, hardware and accessories.  

Bathroom remodeling company and bath renovation service in columbus and throughout central ohio displaying full bathroom remodel

Whether you are looking to fully remodel or renovate an existing bath, add a bathroom, add new cabinets, a new tub and new accessories, we will make the process enjoyable, complete the project efficiently and do it in a timely manner.  If you are looking for the best bathroom contractor in Columbus or throughout Central Ohio, our promise is that you will not be disappointed.  Our experienced (there is no d in the existing sentence) bath designers and construction teams are experts at making our customers happy.

Bathroom Remodeling & Design Services

Bathroom Remodels

Work with our bathroom remodel design team to create the design of your new bathroom. The designer will help you to pick out the custom cabinetry, countertops, bathtub or shower, fixtures, flooring, lighting, and all other accessories required to complete your bath remodel project.

Bathroom Renovation

Rejuvenate your existing bathroom! Our bathroom renovation experts will determine all the tasks that will need to be completed and can help you in choosing all of the bathroom accessories that will be needed to bring your bathroom renovation to completion.

Adding a Bathroom

Whether your new bathroom will fit into an existing space or structural modifications will be necessary to add a new bathroom, we are up to the job. Our design team, and design architect can create a plan in your home to accommodate the added full or half bath to your home.

Advantages of Build PRO 360 For Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation

In addition to being bath remodeling experts, we can handle any additional services and construction ideas in which your home may need. Our construction and design experts can also handle any “curve balls” your home may throw at us, which bath fitting contractors for bath only installations may struggle with. Our name says it all, Build PRO 360 is the only design and build contractor you will ever need!