Storm damage from tornado or high wind causing tree falling on house

Damage Restoration Services

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Central and columbus, ohio home damage restoration services near me. House damage restoration water damage to a drop ceiling due to a fire. Time to file an insurance claim.

Homeowners Insurance & Home Damage Restoration Services

Our disaster restoration services agent works closely with you as the homeowner and the insurance company through the entire claims process so that you can focus on the important aspects in life. As your home restoration specialist, we work quickly and we work hard so you can be confident that your home will be good as new is as timely a manner as possible.

Flood damaged house needs water damage restoration services by best house damage restoration contractor for storm damage, water damage, wind damage, and other home damages.

Columbus & Central Ohio Water Mitigation & Damage Restoration

When your home experiences water damage, it is crucial to call the water damage restoration experts at Build PRO 360 right away in order to mitigate further damage from the water. Our water damage specialists will work with your homeowners insurance company to determine your water damage coverages and work with you in order to assess the damage area and begin the water damage restoration and repair process.

  • Flood
  • Sewer Backup
  • Leaking Faucets
  • Burst or Broken Pipes
  • Bathtub Overflow
  • Clogged Toilet
  • Leaky Roof
  • Roof or Structural Damage
  • Foundation Cracks

Water Removal & Cleanup

When your home has water damage it is crucial to act quickly to limit the damage. At Build PRO 360 we work with our customers to assess the damage and quickly and appropriately extract the water. In addition to removing the water, in many cases the process will include drying and dehumidifying, followed by cleaning and sanitization. Our agents work directly with your homeowner’s insurance company to get your water damage covered, and restore your home back to pre-damaged condition or better.

Water Damage Repair & Restoration

After all of the necessary steps are completed to prepare the water damaged home for repair and restoration, our home renovation teams can begin to work.  As we understand the hardship of being forced out of your home due to the water damage, we plan and schedule efficiently to make the repairs and complete your water damage restoration. As with all other steps in the process, our agent will work directly with your insurance company to get your water damage claim handled.

Fire Damage Restoration

House with extensive fire damage

The best fire damage restoration services will inspect and assess the damages. Fire damage comes with more than just charred wood. When your home has fire damage, some concerns that will be addressed include fire damage, smoke damage, heat and structural damage, and water damage from putting out the fire. 

The fire damage experts at Build PRO 360 work with your homeowners insurance company to restore your home to its condition prior to the fire. Our agents deal with the insurance company, so you can handle the more important things in your life, while we work diligently to return you to your fully restored home as quickly as possible.

Columbus Storm Damage Restoration

Lightning and storm damage restoration and storm damaged roof from wind, hail, and fallen trees.

When your home is damaged by a storm in Central Ohio, the team at Build PRO 360 is prepared to help. Whether you need a new roof due to hail or wind damage, or need a complete home storm damage restoration, we can bring your home back to “like new” condition.

Insurance Restoration Services

Insurance claims play a big part in allowing homeowners to repair or restore their home after a disaster. Our agents work hand-in-hand with your homeowner’s insurance company through the claims process, so you can focus on the important aspects in life. 
Our home restoration services will make your home as good as new!

Advantages of Build PRO 360 For Home Damage Restoration Services 

Whether your home needs damage restoration services from storm damage, water damage, or other damages in Columbus or throughout Central Ohoi, the Columbus, Ohio we have got you covered. Our name says it all, Build PRO 360 is the only design and build contractor you will ever need!