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Home Renovation & Remodeling Contractors

Remodeling your home can be extremely exciting as a home remodel brings your existing house a new home feel. Build PRO 360 Construction Group will make the changes and updates that you desire, or your family may need.

Whether you are upgrading a room or looking to update your existing house into your dream home, we strive to be the best home remodelers in Columbus and Central Ohio. If you are remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, adding a room, creating an open floorplan, or finishing the basement, our design and build team will plan, design, and bring your remodel project to completion. While structural changes can be challenging for many home remodelers in Columbus, Ohio, we can work with our custom design architect to transform any idea or plan to fit your needs.

8 Benefits of Remodeling Your Home

  • Updated Function, Features, & Livability
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Increased Resale Value
  • Better Space Utilization
  • Modernization of Style & Space
  • Reduced Maintenance & Utility Bills
  • New Home Feel, Without Moving
  • Customization To Your Needs

The fact is that hiring a remodeling contractor can have several distinct advantages over moving. While all of the advantages can be important, we find that our clients and their families find “customization to your needs” to be the most rewarding. Short of having a custom design new build home, remodeling your existing home can allow for the best fit to the lifestyle and needs of your family. Talk with our custom home design team today and turn your current house into your DREAM HOME!

Columbus Home Renovators

As home renovators in Ohio, we make updates, repairs, upgrades, and other home improvements to bring your home back to like new condition. Whether you home has rotted flooring, needs replacement windows, needs roof repair or replacement, structural damage, safety issues, mold, storm damage, fire damage, water damage, or is simply ageing and needs updates, we can handle your issue.

Differences Between Home Renovation and Remodeling

When remodeling a home, the design, function, and use may be reconfigured or completely altered, while a home renovation project is designed to restore or bring the home to a “like new” condition. The terms home remodeling and home renovation are often used interchangeably, and while the technical meaning is different, there is often crossover when it comes to remodeling and renovation projects. As your home renovation and remodeling experts, our design, build, and construction teams are here to fulfill the needs of your specific project.

7 Benefits of Renovating Your Home

  • Reduce Future Repair Needs
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Increased Comfort
  • Add Value to Home
  • Security & Safety
  • Better Home Function
  • Make Home Livable

Advantages of Build PRO 360 For Home Remodeling and Renovation

If your home needs repairs and brought back to new condition or you want to make substantial changes to the design, layout, or function of your home, our Columbus, Ohio home renovation and home remodeling team has you covered. Our name says it all, Build PRO 360 is the only design and build contractor you will ever need!